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Date: 5/3/2020
Subject: May 2020 Newsletter
From: Greater Niles Village - News

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May 2020 Newsletter


Ensuring seniors are staying connected, safe and healthy is the core purpose of Greater Niles Village. Tuesday, May 5 is the Global Day of Giving to support emergency Coronavirus responses.
We invite donations of any amount to The Judy Zlatnik Supported Membership Fund.
This time of pandemic has created financial disruption for many. The Judy Zlatnik Supported Membership Fund was established to eliminate any financial barrier to a neighbor becoming a GNV member. Judy’s vision and dedication were critical to the formation of GNV. She notes, “I am thrilled that this Fund makes the benefits of GNV accessible to all Villagers as we navigate the opportunities and challenges of aging.”
Greater Niles Village (GNV) is a non-profit, member-driven organization led by a Board of Directors. Villagers are coming together to create new possibilities for what’s next as we age. Through GNV, older adults are empowered and remain in charge of their lives. 501(c)3


This is how we first greet each other during these days of social distancing, in meetings that all start with ten minutes devoted to getting the cameras and speakers on our computers or smartphones to work properly. The ability to successfully use technology has become key as we shelter in place. While it is far from perfect, technology has become one of the most important ways we have of staying connected.
Iris Nicholson reflects on adapting to on-line meetings: Villagers Jerry Sabo and Doug Avery have turned into superheroes for many of us new to these tools. Doug coached me on my first Google Meet session. I have now guided several friends and have even organized a Sunday party-time for five friends where we tell terrible jokes and check-in with each other. As much as I resist the computer, I figure I’m getting ready for the time I want to see my doctor but don’t want to go to the office.
Jerry Sabo leads the GNV Take Charge of Your Tech special interest group. He observes, “How important it is to see and hear our friends! Our personal devices are key to making those connections.” Jerry's friend John, widowed after taking care of his wife through cancer for years, called Jerry and said, “You have to walk me through setting up a Zoom meeting, I have a date!”  GNV member Ed Frakes is strictly quarantined at home. Jerry set-up Ed’s desktop computer with a camera and now Ed happily participates in Zoom meetings everyday. Jerry has helped a recently widowed neighbor when she did not know the passwords to unlock her husband’s computer to access files needed to settle their affairs.


Board members have been making weekly calls to all of GNV’s members. Iris Nicholson explains, “When I make my calls, I start out, ‘Just calling to say, hi, how’s it going?’ It’s wonderful how often folks sound surprised and happy for the call. Everyone says I’m fine. Isn’t that interesting? If I’m patient and listen, I usually find there’s a bit of joy and a bit of sad going on for all of us.”
A long time Nilesian family recently made a generous donation to GNV. Seeing how this pandemic is affecting us all, they requested, “Use these funds to buy food and meals for neighbors in need because they aren’t allowed to work right now. And from Niles businesses, if you can.” Then GNV heard about an older gentleman and his family, out of work, running out of food and supplies. Barbara King delivered some gift cards funded by the donation. Barbara reports, “The recipient was very surprised and thankful, saying ‘you made my day’. I included a note from the Board. It was a privilege to do this on behalf of the GNV Board.”
Our screened volunteers continue to
  • make friendly check-in phone calls
  • create opportunities for volunteers of any age
  • convene Book Club and Take Charge of Your Tech special interest groups online
  • shop (placing on-line, fulfilling in-store, or picking up take-out orders)
  • coach on using technology during the Shelter at Home order
  • refer to local resources for seniors
call: 510 936-0214


Completing the 2020 Census only takes about 10 minutes and will help our community for the next 10 years, with federal funding for healthcare, roads, schools and more. Responding to the Census can be done by mail, online or by phone, and is completely confidential. The Census will NOT ask for citizenship or immigration status, a social security number, or any financial information.
If you need any assistance in responding to the
2020 Census, please contact GNV
call 510-936-0214.

Greater Niles Village
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